EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning (EMDR ATDL)

Mark Nickerson, Founder and Executive Director

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Global Initiative for Stress and Trauma Treatment (GIST-T)

Rolf Carriere, Founder and Executive Director

Trauma is almost a certainty in life. Whether it be a natural disaster, a mass shooting, an ongoing conflict, or a class bully, traumatic events disrupt our daily lives and shatter our sense of security. Our abilities to predict and control these events are limited, but our efforts to address our reactions to them are not. GIST-T is a Geneva-based non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about, and improving accessibility for, effective and appropriate stress and trauma treatment worldwide. From the use of protocols for early intervention to training allied professionals and non-specialists, we aim to find scalable solutions to confront stress and trauma through evidence-based research. For this reason, we are honored to be a part of the Global Summit Conference on EMDR-based Intervention so that we may learn as much as we can from innovative actors in the field of EMDR. We at GIST-T believe that in times of crisis, psychological needs must be met, and we invite you to learn more about our efforts here: gist-t.org.

 Conference Organizing Committee

Mark Nickerson, Conference Coordinator

Rolf Carriere

Derek Farrell

Marilyn Luber

Louise Maxfield

Udi Oren

Rosalie Thomas

Clare Blenkinsop

Carolina De La Torre Ugarte, Secretariat