Conference Program


THEME OF THE DAY: EMDR Early Intervention for Individuals (more…)


THEME OF THE DAY: Scaling Up- EMDR EI Community Trauma Response Services and Group Treatments (more…)


THEME OF THE DAY: Partnering with Allied Professionals (more…)

About the Conference

All over the world, traumatizing events and conditions (war, domestic terrorism, criminal violence, natural disasters, poverty, diseases, accidents and more) are extensive and ongoing. Massive unmet needs for trauma relief exist. EMDR-based Early Intervention (EMDR-EI) protocols allow much larger numbers of traumatized people to receive effective services. Therefore EMDR-EI offers an exciting opportunity to meet these needs, both among well-resourced and disadvantaged populations. Read more.

This conference is for you if you are:

A clinician interested in EMDR-EI as a specialization
A clinician who wants to treat first-responders and active duty military more effectively
A manager wanting to establish EMDR-EI services within an agency
A humanitarian or military leader interested in making EMDR-EI available in under-resourced regions of the world
An EMDR regional leader committed to building regional capacity for professional and/or volunteer EMDR-EI services
A researcher interested in designing and/or conducting EMDR-EI research
A private clinician or agency interested in assisting with EMDR-EI research data collection
A humanitarian stakeholder, NGO representative, allied professional, or donor interested in learning about EMDR-based EI services for traumatic events