This global summit conference offers three days of wide-ranging presentations dedicated to EMDR-EI. This will be an unprecedented meeting of leading EMDR-EI practitioners and humanitarian experts. Presenters will be prepared to speak to the comparative advantages and overarching benefits of EMDR EI. Before and after the conference, in-depth training workshops are offered in the two leading EMDR-EI individual and group protocols.

Ways to Participate

  • Options to participate via (i) on-site attendance, (ii) remote livestream, or (iii) edited video recording
  • Option to watch as a community from remote locations at a discounted rate
  • Discounts for in-person attendance by regional leaders, volunteers, non-profit agency professionals, and groups

Conference Format

  • Single track, everyone in the same room participation to build a shared knowledge base
  • Variety of learning formats, including panel presentations, moderated discussions, and ‘in the moment’ moderator commentary
  • Opportunities for special interest groups’ discussions, and time for informal meetings with colleagues

Topic Highlights

  • EMDR-EI as a recent innovation in trauma care
  • Empowering therapists with latest EI protocols, both for individual clients and groups
  • Strengthening capacities of EMDR community response networks
  • Exploring the EI potential for expanding services and achieving greater reach
  • EMDR-EI research results and future directions

Other features

  • EMDRIA approved and professional Continuing Education Credits (CEs)
  • Conference proceeds will support GIST-T’s efforts to bring EI services ‘to scale’ at a global level and to support related research

This conference is for you if you are:

 A clinician interested in EMDR-EI as a specialization
 A clinician who wants to treat first-responders and active duty military more effectively
 A manager wanting to establish EMDR-EI services within an agency
 A humanitarian or military leader interested in making EMDR-EI available in under-resourced regions of the world
 An EMDR regional leader committed to building regional capacity for professional and/or volunteer EMDR-EI services
 A researcher interested in designing and/or conducting EMDR-EI research
 A private clinician or agency interested in assisting with EMDR-EI research data collection
 A humanitarian stakeholder, NGO representative, allied professional, or donor interested in learning about EMDR-based EI services for traumatic events